Taylor Mansion Wedding: Linsey + Justin

I don’t think I’ve ever teared up while editing a wedding … until now. When Linsey’s father first saw her, they were both brought to tears. It was the most genuine moments I’ve ever seen, and I was so grateful to be a witness to this. When Linsey presented her father with his gift, it was an embroidered handkerchief with the message:

“Dad, You may be giving me away today, but I will always be your Binser. I love you, Linsey.”

This was one of the most touching moments in my entire career as a wedding photographer. The friendship and love between Linsey and her father will always stick with me.

Before Linsey’s father gave her away, she rode up to the ceremony at the Taylor Mansion in a gorgeous vintage car. Justin’s reaction to seeing Linsey was adorable, and he continued to make cute reactions throughout the ceremony. Justin is always finding ways to make Linsey laugh and smile. Justin’s personality is full and lively, and his charisma is catching to everyone around him.

Justin and his groomsmen will be ranked as one of the top “best party groups” ever. Their energy and excitement, and overall hilarity is one of a kind. It’s rare to see a group of men tear up the dance floor the way they did.

I met Linsey and Justin through two important people in my life. My younger brother, Shale, is good friends with Linsey’s older brother, Chad. (It was so much fun seeing my brother at the wedding with his girlfriend!) Another family friend, Kelli, recommended me, too. (Kelli also who happens to be the granddaughter of my grandmother’s best friend.) I am happy that we had these connections, and I feel honored to have been a part of their wedding day.

Thanks to all of the wonderful vendors, who made their wedding even more magical.

Venue: Taylor Mansion

DJ: First Class Entertainment, Blake Hunter

Photographer: Debra Gulbas Photography