Moments with Meaning – Michelle & Ryan Part I

In a world flooded with images, my goal is to make images that are truly meaningful to my clients. Their wedding photos make them laugh, cry, or sigh with contentment.

I asked my clients which image, or images, made a difference to them in their wedding photos. You’ll see in their own words (below) how that image impacted them emotionally. Enjoy!


“I have a handful of images that left a lasting impact on me….it’s so hard to choose from!  The first, the picture where I am dancing with my dad but the picture is focused on Ryan in the background. There is just a sense of respect and happiness when I look at it. It shows Ryan’s compassion for people. Our parents have had such a huge impact on our lives that I found it neat to be able to reflect on that picture with the two most important men in my life.”- Michelle