Moments with Meaning – Libby and Adam

In a world flooded with images, my goal is to make images that are truly meaningful to my clients. I strive to create images that create an emotional reaction. The photos make my clients laugh, cry, or sigh with contentment.

I asked my clients which image, or images, made a difference to them in their wedding photos. You’ll see in their own words (below) how that image impacted them emotionally. Enjoy!

Special Moments before CeremonydSpecial Moments before Ceremonyd“The photo that first sprang to mind is the photo of my mom and sister and my mother’s dog and I sitting on the couch in our cabin before everything began. It’s a quiet photo, as my favorite photos are. There’s not the amazing light pouring in at the golden hour, it’s not when I walked up and saw tears spring to Adam’s eyes but it’s this quiet little moment of reprieve. I see this world captured on my mother’s face. Families are…complicated. And they don’t stop being complicated on your wedding day. But after the craziness and the complications, I look at this photo, I see it when I close my eyes, and amidst all the messiness and all the complications I see love, happiness, relief and pride. I feel love, all captured in this tiny quiet moment.” -Libby