Moments with Meaning – Libby and Adam Part II

 In a world flooded with images, my goal is to make images that are truly meaningful to my clients. I strive to create images that create an emotional reaction. These photos make my clients laugh, cry, or sigh with contentment.

I asked my clients which image, or images, made a difference to them in their wedding photos. You’ll see in their own words (below) how that image impacted them emotionally. Enjoy!



“The other picture (because I can’t pick one) is one I settled on after a few months. At first I thought it was the vertical shot of adam cupping my face against the aspens. But after a few more weeks I’ve settled on a horizontal, also from that scene, where Adam’s picking me up. The background is blurry and a beautiful yellow and it’s tighter against us but you can tell he’s picking me up. I love this so much. I think this picture goes with the first actually – because that’s what Adam’s done for me. He’s swept me up, swept me away, enveloped me in his love and protected me from pain. We made Christmas ornaments out of this picture – I think this is the iconic one that we’ll most covet. It ties together our love of Colorado but it’s this beautiful metaphor for our past and what we provide for each other too. As our internet-ordained pastor-friend put it so eloquently, Adam is my rock and I am Adam’s light and I think, when you look at that picture, you see that. The picture goes with those words and those words go with that picture. It takes my breath away.” – Libby