Moments with Meaning – Erica & Liam Part I

In a world flooded with images, my goal is to make images that are truly meaningful to my clients. Their wedding photos make them laugh, cry, or sigh with contentment.

I asked my clients which image, or images, made a difference to them in their wedding photos. You’ll see in their own words (below) how that image impacted them emotionally. Enjoy!


“This photo so perfectly captured a special moment between me and my parents. I wrote them each a card to read before the ceremony when we were alone in the bridal suite. As they finished reading the cards, my mother and I started tearing up and getting emotional. Then, my dad said (in his typical humorous tone) “Well, thanks for the Starbucks gift card!” just to make us laugh. There obviously was not a gift card included in his note – but his joke added much-needed comic relief to make us smile. Your camera caught it at just the right time, and it’s a moment I will always remember. I was so happy to see it months later when we got the photos!” – Erica