Moments with Meaning – Charlotte & Terry Part II

In a world flooded with images, my goal is to make images that are truly meaningful to my clients. I strive to create images that create an emotional reaction. These photos make my clients laugh, cry, or sigh with contentment.

I asked my clients which image, or images, made a difference to them in their wedding photos. You’ll see in their own words (below) how that image impacted them emotionally. Enjoy!


“The second picture that I love is of my Dad seeing me for the first time.  I’m very lucky to have two amazing parents.  I wouldn’t say I’m strictly a Daddy’s girl but I am the baby and my two siblings like to give him a hard time that I am his favorite.  The first time he saw me, I also gave him a thank you note that I had written him.  He was so amazing through all the planning.  I would stress out and my sweet Dad would always remind me what was most important.  He also footed majority of the bill and never complained once except a little ribbing here and there.  He is such an important part of my life and I couldn’t wait to have him walk me down the aisle.  I was so honored to be on my Dad’s arm and I think we both got emotional when we saw each other.  I also think he was thinking about his Dad too, my Pop.  I could go into so much more detail about both these instances but I won’t bore you.  Just know that these two pictures really meant the world to me.  They both capture two of the most important men in my life and remind me of how truly blessed I am.” – Charlotte