The Lookout, Austin Wedding Photojournalist

You might remember Abra & Mike from their engagement portrait session at Zilker Park and La Zona Rosa. You know that phrase, “She lights up the room when she walked in?” That phrase was invented for Abra. She exudes happiness, and you have to smile and laugh when you’re around her. Abra has the same affect that I think Kate Hudson has on people — you just feel so much brighter having spent a little time with her.

While Abra was getting ready, she called her flip flops, “flippy floppies.” (That’s what I call my flip flops, and when I heard her, I knew it would be an awesome wedding day.

Mike is a quiet, cool guy, who is the kind of guy every man wants as a best friend. Mike teared up as Abra walked down the aisle, and it was the sweetest moment to see her reaction walking down the aisle. Abra and Mike have been dating for forever and a day, and their wedding ceremony left few dry eyes.

One of my favorite dogs in the entire world was a guest at the wedding. Little Waffles. Waff. Waf-Waf. (I secretly want to dog sit for Abra and Mike.) Waffles brought his wedding attire — he wore the cutest dog tuxedo, complete with little cuffs on his two front legs. I just googled dog tuxedos, and NOTHING I could find comes even close to the this awesome wedding dog tuxedo. Seriously, people were practically lining up just to get some one-on-one attention with Waffles.

The first time I saw Abra & Mike’s wedding venue, with the stunning hill country views, was during Abra’s bridal portraits. This venue is tucked among the hills, and has the most beautiful gardens.

Guests played bocce ball during the cocktail hour, and they had ice cream in lieu of wedding cake.

Abra and Mike, congrats! Here are a few of my favorites.