Kali-Kate Wedding: The Story Behind the Photo


I have many clients ask about this photo, which is enlarged to a 20×30 in my office.

The truth is, the moment might not have happened.

During Jaime and Sean’s Kali-Kate wedding last summer, these two adorable twins were walking around as the Jaime and her bridemaids were getting ready. When I noticed them looking out the window, I put my camera up to compose the image. A family member started to tell the twins to turn to look at me, and I ┬ápolitely motioned to her to let the twins just be themselves. People often want children to do something specific for the camera, but kids always cute, and adorable things all on their own. I took several frames while they looked out the window, and played behind the curtains. Like all children, they got distracted, and the fleeting moments were gone.

I still love this image every time I look at it because it feels timeless. It kind of reminds me of W. Eugene Smith’s famous image “Walk to Paradise Garden,” but it’s not nearly as perfect, and certainly not as iconic.