Shara and Rob’s Barr Mansion Wedding

While talking to Shara’s father on the wedding day, he said, “Shara is really important to me … We are a very emotional family.” We had a brief conversation about expressing emotion, and how his family isn’t afraid to do that. To that I say:

Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I know I mention this time and time again, but I appreciate and admire when people are able be themselves and express raw emotion in front of other people, and even more so in front of the camera. (Obviously, this is coming from someone who documents moments for a living, so I’m a little bit of a moment junkie.)

Why? Because it tells the story. Behind these photos, there’s a much deeper story behind all the laughter, tears, and cute funny faces. Those moments tell the story of what Shara and Rob were thinking and feeling on their wedding day.

I sat here typing and re-typing their story, trying to explain the reason for their tears and their laughter. But, after all this, I think I’ll keep their story private. Sometimes, the photos are beautiful by themselves.

Shara and Rob, you are beautiful and wonderful. If you’re ever having a “Spaceballs” movie night, you know who to call. May the schwartz be with you!

Thanks to the wedding team – especially the Barr Mansion for their amazingness.

  • Wedding coordinator:
    Shanna at Barr Mansion
  • Officiant:
    Sarah Reed at Let’s Do it Vows
  • Reception DJ/Band:
  • DJ Byrne Rock
  • Cake & Catering:
    Barr Mansion
  • Flowers:
  • Stems – Ruth
  • Hair & Make-up:
    Milk + Honey, 2nd street