Testimonials from brides

All of the testimonials are letters, emails, or submitted testimonials we have received from clients, their friends, and their family.  

“Debra captures things you aren’t even aware that are transpiring – moments, touches, glances between family members, hidden treasures that could so easily get lots – she finds them and preserves them for you. She has a fantastic grasp of light and how to manipulate it. She comes early, stays late, has a sweet smile on her face, solves disasters, calms down family members, truly seems to enjoy herself, is self-sufficient and gets the most incredible product to you in a timely manner.”

-Libby & Adam

“Debra – we just wanted to take a minute to thank you for an amazing wedding experience. Your approach was natural and seamless and it made the night flow so easily. Perhaps, what we appreciate most of all is your ability to capture the true essence of our relationship in your photos, and that is largely attributed to the fact that you took so much time to really get to know us as individuals and as a couple. I don’t think words can really express the respect and appreciation we have for you.”

-Becca & Walt

“Debra was absolutely amazing. She is so organized and professional while being fun and making you feel comfortable. Several of our family members and guests commented on how great she was and we agree. Our pictures turned out fabulous and exactly what I wanted. You won’t regret using her!”

-Jessica & Greg

“Debra – I knew when we hired you to photograph our wedding that you were an amazing photographer, but I am utterly speechless after receiving the gift you sent us today. These pictures brought us both right back to the day of our wedding in a way I can’t describe. Really brought me to tears. No video or memento could do what you have done for us. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”

– Mia

“I am sitting in the office at work CRYING!  Those pictures are so beautiful – you really captured the mood of the day, from the hair salon to the departure.  You have made our wedding day so special, and have given us something that will always help us remember!  Thank you SO SO SO MUCH for everything.”

-Jennifer & Christian

“Debra I cannot tell you how pleased we have been with you! Working with you just felt so natural. We LOVE our photos! You really know how to capture moments in such unique and creative ways. You are amazing at what you do and we feel so honored to have had the opportunty to work with you! You’re the best!! ”

– Stacey & Chris

“Debra, I can’t even begin to describe how fantastic we think you are! We love these photos and are so excited to see the rest. Thank you so, so much!  When I woke up, I got your email and got to look at the photos, so, win! -Just wanted to say yet again that we are so happy we worked with you!”


“Hi Debra! These photos are BEAUTIFUL!! They take me straight back to that amazing weekend. We had a great time working with you. You were easy to talk to, fun, very kind, and extremely knowledgeable. And you take incredible photos. Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience with my family who acted more like kids in a candy store! :) God love Yankees.  Thanks again! You were so awesome! Talk soon…”

-Kathleen & Jeremy

“Debra – You are a breath of fresh air! So positive and happy and interesting and nice to be around.  You are a really skilled, artistic, photographer. You are truly wonderful and patient.  AND … OH-MY-GOSH … the gorgeous photographs are already treasured heirlooms. We are so grateful to you.”  -Peggy

“On our wedding day, I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. Debra caught every single special moment! I didn’t feel stressed about anything because of her stellar organization.”

– Steph & Patrick

“Debra made the photo taking at my wedding exciting rather than something to dread. If you are looking for a documentary style session, she does a great job. I prefer her style over traditional portraits. My husband and I have framed 5 of her pictures and it was hard to narrow it down. Our house is filled with pictures of us! An engagement session was part of the package and she did a bridal session as well. She made us feel really comfortable.”

-Beata & Nick

“My husband and I were very lucky to find Debra at the wedding expo. Debra is caring, enthusiastic, and wants to capture the moment. She takes her work very seriously and it shows in the professional product. She is very flexible and before you know it, she feels like part of the family. I would highly recommend her, she is an excellent photographer.”

-Lucy & Juan