Update: 101 Goals in 1001 Days


Here’s an update on the 101 goals in 1001 days! One of my couples, Kathleen and Jeremy, were SO sweet to get me tickets to the Round Rock Express game. They saw this goal list, and wanted to help me finish it. Is that not the sweetest thing in the world? My husband and I are gearing up for the last game of the season!

The goals that are in italics have been completely (or partly) finished.  Can I complete 101 goals in 1001 days? (I have until Wednesday, November 20, 2013.)  … here we go! (I’ll try to post photos of proof soon!)

Some of these goals will be accomplished within the two months, so I’m looking forward to updating again soon!

1. Decorate my personal office space with photos that have meaning to me. I still have more photos to add, but one wall in the office is complete.

2. Photograph at least one “self assignment” a week, unrelated to my business.

3. Post one personal blog post a week.

4. Conduct a reader survey to better understand my blog audience.

5. Take at least one full day off a week. No computer. No email. Just relaxation.

6. Purchase a Mac Desktop Computer.

7. Learn to do a cartwheel properly.

8. Take my dog through Intermediate Training at PetsSmart.

9. Complete a personal photo project, unrelated to my business.

10. Complete ten push-ups – without keeping my knees on the ground. I have been going to yoga and body flow, and this has helped!

11. Fix the cement around the top of our porch.

12. Make a homemade apple pie.

13. Read one book a month. Last month I read The Glass Castle and Lone Survivor. This month I read The Thirteenth Tale, and I am bouncing between a few new books.

14. Photograph a wedding at the Driskill Hotel.

15. Photograph a wedding in another country.

16. Attend the Foundation Workshop.

17. Shoot an engagement session in Las Vegas.

18. Attend WPPI.

19. Get published in a major wedding blog.

20. Get published in a nationwide wedding magazine.

21. Serve as a judge on a print/photo competition.

22. Learn to use Metadata more efficiently.

23. Blog at least three times a week.

24. Teach a photography class. I just launched the Photo Workshop Series! Sign up here.

25. Re-read “Bird by Bird.”

26. Attend a PUG meeting. I have the September PUG meeting marked on my calendar, and I’m determined NOT to miss it!

27. Attend Potluck Slideshow event.

28. Go “street shooting” at least once every two months.

29. Photograph star trails.

30. Go on a photo road trip.

31. Lightpaint my husband’s bike.

32. Take my vitamins every morning. I’m still going strong with this goal, and it’s become more of a habit.

33. Learn a new language.

34. Paint my toenails twice a month. (My feet are so happy!)

35. Bring my camera with my everywhere … and take photos.

36. Put up a gallery of my favorite photos at home.

37. Cut up my credit card.

38.  Travel to New York City … and see the city.

39. Travel to San Francisco.

40. Travel to Ireland. Yay! The photos will be posted within the next two weeks.

41. Have a block party for our neighbors.

42. Have dinner with our next door neighbors.

43. Expand the FAQ section on my website.

44. Tweet three times a week.

45. Share wedding photos with vendors on Two Bright Lights. I have been using Two Bright Lights, but I’m switching back to my old system. I still share photos with vendors, but it saves me time to do it my way.

46. Photograph ten boudoir sessions.

47. Purchase the Nikon 35mm 1.4 lens.

48. Photograph a full roll of film on my Holga and develop it. I just need to bring it to the photo lab!

49. Take photos with my Yaschica 635.

50. Design and print my family album from 2010. It should be arriving next week!

51. Design and print my parent’s album from their trip to Africa.

52. Update my business Facebook page once a week.

53. Send wedding vendors thank you notes after working with them. I have been sending thank you notes to the venues, but I need to be better about collecting business cards from all of the vendors.

54. Get the pile of clothes altered that need to be altered.

55. Sell my 17-35 mm.

56. Acquire at least 70 hours of volunteer time at the Austin Humane Society. Yay! It was a blast helping them out this past year. I’m still taking photos for them from time to time, but I’m now volunteering with Coats for Kids.

57. Have a print exchange with friends.

58. Donate 5% of my profits to a charity.

59. Research which charity I would like to donate 5% profits.

60. Organize all of my acquired business cards.

61. Second shoot a wedding. I second shot this wedding with Jenny DeMarco! She is such a doll, and I loved working with her.

62. Photograph a wedding for free for a couple who needs the financial help.

63. Have my own copy of Natchwey’s “Inferno.”

64. Become a member of ISWP.

64. Publish an article in the photolovecat blog.

65. Help my grandmother organize her photos.

66. Do a special photo project for one special dog at the Austin Humane Society.

67. Motivate Kate Leverton Jellison to become a pro-photographer.

68. Send genuine thanks to the photographers who have motivated me: Wirken PhotoVladFoto, Ben Chrisman Photography Inc.Kate Mefford.

69. Avoid eating any junk food for one week.

70. Learn the work of 10 other deceased photographers.

71. Learn the work of 10 other living photographers.

72. Photograph my husband’s cycling team at least four times a year.

73. Be on the Eddie Adams Black Team.

74. Organize and together a posing guide, and share this with the wonderful Rita Quinn.

75. Read all of Dave Ramsey’s recommended business books.

76. Paint my home office. I put the swatch colors on the wall, but I’m not sure how I feel about them.

77. Redecorate my living room. The furniture is coming next week!

78. Cook with leeks. (Bridget Jones Diary scared me away from leeks.)

79. Take a cooking class.

80. See Bob Schneider perform. My husband and I went to see him at the Saxon Pub. He is a phenomenal artist!

81. Attend SXSW.

82. Attend ACL. I haven’t gone yet, but the tickets are in hand!

83. Eat at 25 new restaurants. I have tried about 8 new restaurants so far. I’ll post the list when I get a chance!

84. Learn to cook a good Indian food dish.

85. Have LASIK done.

86. Keep a list of favorite memories.

87. Read 10 history books.

88. Feature a wedding vendor on my blog every week.

89. Go to the shooting range  six times.

90. Learn to play poker.

91. Learn to parallel park … correctly.

92. Have a reunion with my best friends from high school.

93. Ride the Austin Metro.

94. Attend a Rock Round Express game. I’ll be going next week — I cannot wait!

95. Play laser tag for the first time.

96. Get the pile of broken jewelry fixed. I’m really enjoying wearing some of my favorite pieces again!

97. Learn how to make a Montana Martini.

98. Find a new hairstyle.

99. Visit my sister at Dartmouth. This was SUPPOSED to happen this weekend. Due to Hurricane Irene, but plans have been delayed. So … it hasn’t been completed.

100. Help someone make their own 101 in 1001 list.

101. Post this list of goals on my blog.