Ira Glass on Creative Work

Couple embraces during the sunset at the Barr Mansiond

Alma and Ethan spend a few moments alone before their reception at the Barr Mansion in Austin, Texas.

My good friend and frequent second photographer, Julia Robinson, introduced me to the awesome radio show, This American Life, a few years ago. I became obsessed with it immediately. When I’m editing, chances are that I’m listening to the This American Life archives on the internet. Needless to say, I’m clearly a fan of Ira Glass.

I was thrilled, inspired and moved when I stumbled across a fantastic clip featuring This American Life host and producer Ira Glass talking about the process of creative work.

There is one line in this clip that grabbed me. “Their work … wasn’t as good as it wanted it to be. … It didn’t have this special thing that we wanted it to have.”

This is such a strong sentiment — knowing you make good work, but not creating work as good as you want it to be. I am always striving to make my work better … and I believe that the creative process is never complete.

Really, is any job, career, or hobby complete? Can anyone can say they have nothing left to learn in their field? We continue to grow and learn, and hopefully, make our craft a little better. Feel free to share your thoughts on your process of creative work below.

Cheers to doing more work and getting better each day.

The image above is from a recent wedding at the Barr Mansion in Austin, Texas.