#12 – Completed! 101 Goals in 1001 Days

Thanks to my good friend, Carly, I can cross number 12 (make a homemade apple pie) off my goal list for 101 Goals in 1001 Days.

Carly is one of the most supportive, caring people I have ever met, and she’s an amazing friend. She flew all the way from St. Louis to visit me in September, and she wanted to help me cross a few things off my goal list. Carly and I have many memories baking cookies from college, and Carly is a a whiz when it comes to baking! She knows all the secrets, from how to make a good, flaky crust, to how to cut the butter.

Truth be told, Carly really made the pie while I took some photos. I was so sad that she didn’t have a chance to taste her work of art because she had to catch her plane back to St. Louis! Needless to say, the apple pie tasted AMAZING, and Adir and I finished in about two days. (Yes, I still remember how wonderful it tasted, even though it happened in September!) Thank you, Carly, for helping me cross a few goals off my list!