Why every couple should have a wedding album

Why Digital Images are Not Enough:
Four Reasons Every Couple Should Have a Wedding Album

One of the first questions people ask when looking for a wedding photographer is if they offer all the digital files. In fact, many couples plan to only purchase the digital images and aren’t interested in anything else.

1. Brides lose their thumb drives & they don’t have a back-up on their computer

By only purchasing the digital files, you’re putting yourself at a huge risk of losing your photos in just a few short years. Here’s the truth — hard drives, including thumb drives, will all eventually fail. You just never know the exact date.

2. Most brides don’t  have time or energy to order images on their own

Many couples only purchase the digital files, because they intend on making an album on their own, or making prints for display. But, what they don’t realize is that the only thing you want to do after your wedding is to get on with your normal life before you were planning a wedding. Few prints are made, and that well-intentioned, “I’ll make an album on my own….” never happens. If you have your doubts, look at all the “personal family photo albums” you have made. Are you guilty of having a hard-drive full of photos of vacations, with few prints or albums made?

3. Digital Media Can Get Lost & Technology Changes Rapidly

There’s a huge risk of losing the images and memories on them over time when you only have the digital files.

With only the digital files, you are responsible for transferring the images from one type of digital media to another as technology advances every few years. Not only that, but if life gets crazy and you fail to transfer it to the new media, you may end up with digital files that you can’t see anymore.

4. What will you hand down to your grandchildren?

Your wedding images are a family heirloom. By handing down just a disc or thumb drive of  hundreds of wedding photos, you are only giving your family members work to do, instead of giving them something to view and enjoy. You should pass down something special and meaningful, and an album is ideal for this.

This is why we believe that a professional wedding album is of the utmost importance. You are guaranteed to have images to look at and enjoy years from now with no additional work whatsoever.

We only offer professional, high quality albums made with archival inks and papers that are created to last for generations. We want the memories of your wedding day to be seen and enjoyed by your family for years to come.