One of the Top Wedding Florists in Austin I STEMS Floral Design

Abby and I have worked together for about five years. She was one of the first wedding vendors I met when I toured the Barr Mansion. I met her before her business, STEMS Floral, was what it is today — a powerhouse of stunning floral design.

I tried to count the number of weddings we’ve done together, and it’s nearly impossible. We’ve probably worked at least 15 weddings together.(The floral arrangements featured in this blog post are just from 2014 alone.)

Every single time I work with her, her bouquets, centerpieces, and cake decor are unique and stunning. There’s always a special “surprise” in her flower arrangements — something special that makes you look a little closer.

Here’s a little bit about Abby:

Abby Daigle—event producer, visual director, and owner of STEMS Floral Design—grew up in the wedding business here in Austin and literally has thousands of weddings and events under her belt.  With a work ethic that would politely be described as “tireless”, she works endless hours to make sure every event is perfect and not only up to her client’s expectations, but to hers as well—which, with her years of experience, Abby herself is often the hardest to please.  You would think that after thousands of events, one might not be as enthusiastic about the next—but one meeting with Abby and you will understand it is so much more than a job for her… it is truly a passion and you will see she is just as excited as you to see the big day come to life.

Abby’s background is in wedding and event coordination prior to starting STEMS, which is an asset as a florist and designer to be able to see the big picture and plan accordingly.  She walks into a room and does not just see the florals… she sees the layout, the flow, the linens, the signage, and all the other details that go into each and every flawless event.  With a decade’s worth of experience in floral design, a commitment to her craft, an eye for detail, and a passion for bringing unique ideas to life, Abby’s mission at the end of the day is to have an unforgettable room that her clients will never forget.

Thank you for all the amazing bouquets, arrangements, signage, cake decor, and everything you’ve done. Here’s just a little something to celebrate you!

P.S. Thanks also to the Barr Mansion, where I often work with Abby.

The majority of these beautiful details are the work of my second photographer, Julia Robinson. When I’m lucky, I get to sneak in the room and take a few photos.