New Fall Dates for Beginner Photo Workshop

Five Hours – $120

Office of Debra Gulbas Photography   I   Littlefield Building   I   106. E 6th Street (6th and Congress)

If you have a digital 35mm SLR camera (camera with a removable lens), and have no idea how to use it, this class is for you. We won’t be covering every single function on the camera – just the settings you need to know to start taking better photos.

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We will cover:

* basic settings & buttons

* how and when to use common settings & buttons

* general rules of composition

* basic lighting situations

* tips and tricks

* Taking photos of your family, friends, and travel

* Archiving photos

* Troubleshooting

* This class will take your photos to another level. Bring your SLR camera (camera with a removable lens), because the class is hands on.

* Limited to 8 people per class.

* Drinks and light snacks will be served.

* $120 non-refundable fee will reserve your spot for the class of your choice.

Dates available:

Sunday, September 25th, 12-5 pm

Sunday, October 2nd, 12-5 pm

Sunday, October 30th, 12-5 pm

Sunday, November 6th, 12-5 pm

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Please contact Debra at is you have any questions.