The Beautiful Engagement of Whitney & Kyle

Whitney and Kyle are getting married next Saturday, and it’s the perfect time to post their engagement session.

Their engagement session came at the perfect time of year — during the tiny sliver of time when the trees bloom in Austin. Really, getting the blooming trees for your engagement session is kind of like going to Vegas and putting a fifty dollar bill on red seven in roulette. Typically, the trees bloom, and within about ten days, the blooms are gone. It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year, and I was elated that Whitney and Kyle had a chance to incorporate the trees into their engagement session.

We strolled around the UT Campus, and Whitney and Kyle had pre-selected a beautiful spot that I had never known about. The tiled-ceiling and bright colors of this secret space is now one of my favorite places on campus, and I’ll think of them every time I see it.

Whitney and Kyle also wanted to go to Red Bud Isle. While I’ve been there with my dog, I was a little hesitant about the situation. The parking can be tricky, and you just don’t know how many people will be around the area until you get there. Luckily, the parking was in our favor, and there were just a few lonely fishermen at the end of Red Bud Isle. We were able to get some really beautiful images.

I absolutely love the image of the two of them, snuggled together, looking out onto Town Lake.  This image belongs above a fireplace or a special wall in their place.

Whitney and Kyle are a super sweet couple, and I cannot wait for their wedding!