Austin Wedding Photographer I Colleen’s Bridals at Thurman’s Mansion

Colleen’s wedding day is finally here, and I am so excited to post her bridal portraits.

We had originally planned to photograph Colleen’s bridals at the Salt Lick, where Colleen is having her wedding reception, but there was an event happening on that day. The Salt Lick was so great, and they let us use their “sister venue” instead, Thurman’s Mansion.

Thurman’s Mansion is named after the late Thurman Roberts, who is the founder of the Austin’s famous and loved Salt Lick. It’s just down the road from the Salt Lick, and it’s a 7,000 square-foot, two story native limestone building, once slated for the Roberts’ family home.

Colleen hung out in her cowboy boots and stunning dress. Colleen is so sweet, and I know her wedding day is going to be beautiful.

Check back soon to view their wedding ceremony at St. Austin Catholic Church and the Salt Lick reception.

Venue: Thurman’s Mansion