Why we choose Renaissance Albums to Produce your Album

Your wedding albums are crafted by hand by Renaissance Albums. There are no large machines or computer controlled assembly lines in the factory –  just generations of artisan craftsmanship.

Pay attention to the details that define each book. Feel how the material is carefully handled and wrapped. See how each corner is folded meticulously in a certain way. Experience the hours of dedication that it takes to create a single album.


All books are inspected and re-inspected to ensure they have achieved their definitive standards. The quality of workmanship and materials built into Renaissance Albums allow us to offer a lifetime guarantee against all manufacturing defects.


The finest materials are used in your albums – from European free-range leathers to Japanese silks to papers from the highest quality U.S. mills. The materials are sourced from worldwide to ensure that your books are built with only the best.


We don’t charge extra for album cover options. This means you will have the exact cover you want without paying an extra penny.